At Project Pricing we help fix all your pricing problems

Pricing is the art of profitability and at Project Pricing we combine art and science to help our clients deliver their top line results.

Project Pricing is a Global Boutique Pricing Management Consultancy specialising in both B2B and B2C. Founded by Shaham Afsar in 2010 Project Pricing is head quartered in the United Kingdom.

At Project Pricing we help fix all your pricing problems be they Domestic, Regional or International. With over twenty years of International Pricing experience, we help clients, be they small medium or large, to significantly increase and sustain profitable growth through innovative pricing solutions and margin management.

We provide out of the box pricing solutions for all your pricing requirements be they big or small, local, regional or global. At Project Pricing our aim is to remove the complexity out of Pricing and Re-engineer it so that it can be clearly and concisely understood.

Pricing is one of the most fundamental elements in your Business Strategy. It is an enabler to increasing Revenue, Profitability, Market Share and Market Size. Many companies do not give pricing the investment or importance that it deserves and therefore inadvertently suffer as a consequence.

In the current market climate Pricing needs to be dynamic, targeted, customer specific and real time. At Project Pricing we enable you to meet your customer requirements be they big or small by providing you with out of the box pricing solutions.